UK FREESAT CHANNELS in Spain  via internet FREE and without dish! 
This is a Broadband non-subscription HD receiver for Live TV
What we offer is FREE UK TV on your HD TV screen in SPAIN.

Two versions of the receiver are available - A) for LIVE TV only  and B) LIVE TV and catchup TV / Replay / On Demand services from the big UK TV channels.                              


How to connect the UK IPTV receiver?

You have the choice between WiFi or Liveplugs or ethernet cable. Whichever suits you best. See the schemas below:

uk tv iptv receiver in spain


UK TV Broadband non-subscription
receiver for LIVE TV

£ 270 -

in stock
 48 H delivery anywhere in Spain
It is essential that you mesure first your internet speed before you purchase.
Use the blue button at the bottom of the page to mesure the quality of your ISP. If you reach 3 Mb/sec or higher this system will work just fine for you. Not sure yet if this is the right TV receiver for you? Get our documentation, everything is explained.
uk tv spain